Impact of High Interest Livestream!

By Randell Tiongson on November 5th, 2022

Investments are beginning to show some recovery but still far from where it was before the pandemic started. With inflation now hitting 7.7%, interest rates continues to rise and the peso weakens, what will happen to our investments? What should we do with our investments? Do we add more investments?

Join my November 2022 Livestream!

Joining me for this livestream is Miguel Liboro of ATRAM, he is an award-winning fund manager and perhaps one of the country’s best! Miguel and I will try to help you get a better handle on what’s going on and what we can do so we can continue to prepare for our financial future!

November 2022 Livestream

You can watch the livestream through my Facebook Page: or Youtube Channel:

See you!


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Impact of High Interest Livestream!