Win free slots to Personal Branding Seminar

By Randell Tiongson on September 21st, 2010

To show appreciation to the many readers of my blog (about 8 in total, haha!), we will be giving out 2 complimentary slots to this Saturday’s Personal Branding Seminar featuring Internet Marketin Guru Carlo Ople and myself.

If you feel that this program can help you, please publish your comments as to how our program can benefit you. Amongst those who posted, we will select 2 and will be given free slots.

Happy posting!


9 thoughts on “Win free slots to Personal Branding Seminar”

  • As a blogger, personal branding should be the one to prioritize.
    This program will benefit me as a student because someday i’ll start working and soon own my company.
    I am thankful to realize that my personal brand should start even now as a Senior student.
    Respect and credibility is better than fame.
    Personal Branding.
    Everyone should know it!

  • The seminar will help me to build my own brand as a Forex Trader and a blogger. My number one goal is to add value to my reader and how can I help them to improve their lives through Forex Trading and blogging.

  • Im not a businessman or what , but i know i should have knowledge and understanding how to handle my money wisely. There are many outlets that my money can go but the question is how and where should i invest my money. I just heard somebody qouted this “a man should be a Producer and not a Consumer”. i exactly dont know what he is trying to explain but what i get from that quotation is you must Produce something. I know alot of us are tired in the sequence of “Save, save ,save then Spend it all” i personaly done this routine. But now im trying to shift gears into “Save, save, save, then invest , earn then spend” no negative cash flow if possible. Looking for an opportunity to be financially independent and at the same time blessing to others as well.

  • Personal branding had been a mini-yardstick as it connects to the bull’s eye of sales and also a complement to my business plan that relates to customer service.

    A fragile “value” that must be managed and built well.

    Even i have a little idea, I am still hardcore curious in the topic ( like a caveman that needs a bright torch) and to be able to ask questions and engage in such an interesting discussion as it contains some genuine opinions and advice.

    It is a sound investment for everyone. God bless to all.

  • Hi Randell !

    I am pretty sure that this seminar is not only for the young ones but also for the young “once” who had travelled a long way to where they are in the corporate ladder. Personal branding, I believe, is a lifetime thing as we do not only “sell” ourselves to our employers or clients at one time or another but in fact we are “walking brands” to everybody whom we meet…everyday! .. Meantime, there is one ingredient in our brand that should stand out —- Let us always carry the One whose “brand” is in all of us ! He wants us to stand for Him as living testimonies of His stubborn love for all of us.

    I know I won’t qualify for the “free slot”..hehehe… but I trust that those who will be attending will be really blessed …. God is great !

  • I own an online shopping cart selling gadgets. This seminar will help me be more competetive and give other online sellers a real run for their money. After all, its all about the bottom line 🙂


  • This seminar will help me be aware of my unique qualities which sets me apart from the rest. Personal branding is very important to me because it will make me be creative on how I can project my uniqueness to my clients. As a businesswoman, I need to sell myself first to my current and prospective clients before I can sell my company’s services, and this seminar is an opportunity to learn how to sell myself.

  • Winners have been selected, emails have been sent to those who won. Congratulations! Thanks for all those who joined.

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Win free slots to Personal Branding Seminar