Who I am voting for

By Randell Tiongson on May 6th, 2010

Still deciding on a complete list but I’ve made up my mind on the majority on the slots I need to vote for.
My criteria is competence, track record, integrity and generally,  I will go for candidates I feel most suited for the job. I did not consider popularity, patronage, black propaganda.
PRESIDENT: Gibo. I go for competence and I admired his integrity during the campaign. I feel the country will be in a better shape under his leadership. I also like Noynoy but I can only vote for one President and I feel Gibo will make a better President. I don’t care anymore if he is a winnable candidate or not, this is a conscience vote.
VP: Mar. He is qualified, he understands self-sacrifice. My other choice was Bayani but Mar for me would work better with whoever wins the presidency.
Ruffy Biazon, Toots Ople, Alex Lacson, TG Guingona, Rizza Hontiveros, Kata Inocencio. Still thinking about the other 6 but I’m not too sure if I can come up with a complete list.
PARTY-LIST: Coop-Natcco — had a chance to work with this organization. Confederation of cooperatives.
I’m from Pasig so the rest are local candidates:
CONGRESSMAN: Roman Romulo — personally know the guy, impressive performance in congress and comes from a well-respected family.
MAYOR: Undecided
VICE-MAYOR: John Javier — we need new blood in our city. Personally know this guy as well and admire his being a family oriented person.
COUNCILOR: I probably will just vote for one, Ian Sia. I know the guy and his wife, really competent, intelligent and service oriented. A CPA/Lawyer and a volunteer for our Children’s church.
I’m not endorsing them, just sharing my choices. Who am I to endorse anyway? 🙂
Regardless of who we are voting for, we should be united in prayer for the country!

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  • I agree with your last statement “Regardless of who we are voting for, we should be united in prayer for the country!” Amen to that!
    Hope you can visit my related blog post.

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Who I am voting for