US economic woes, simplified

By Randell Tiongson on August 17th, 2011

Here’s a nice video that explains the the current U.S. condition in a simplified and clear manner.


7 thoughts on “US economic woes, simplified”

  • China will take the state of California as collateral. The US will sell its nuclear bombs at bargain-basement prices to the arabs. Western money will flow into Asia and
    the Philippine Peso will hit 20 to a dollar. Manny Pacquiao will buy Hollywood and put out a musical featuring himself. Japan will glow in the dark for thousands of years.
    Switzerland will become the major power of the earth. All of Italy will become one big pizzeria selling cheap pizzas to Germans. Greece will sell the Parthenon, brick by brick, to tourists. The last tuna fish in the world will be bought by a Chinese trillionaire.
    And in Manila, the Forbes Park Homeowners Association will secede from the Philippines, and establish its own Armed Forces, which will be ten times as big and ten times as well-equipped as the AFP.

  • nice video… it shows the reality… Actually the USA is biblically prophesied to lose its superpower status. Even the dollar was prophesied to fall…

  • @ Mr. Azanza,

    I just love your comments! One of your best so far.. haha! Keep it coming!

  • america is doomed! and so are we hahahahaha it’s the end of the world, as we know it but i feel fine…

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US economic woes, simplified