The incredible story of Big Daddy Jake

By Randell Tiongson on August 15th, 2011

I’m not posting about finance this time around and I’m making this exception because I believe that many will be blessed with the incredible story of my dear friend and one of the country’s most respected DJ’s – Dennis Poliquit a.k.a. Big Daddy Jake of Magic 89.9. My blog is about Life and Personal Finance anyway right? So let’s talk about Life this time.

Dennis’ story continues to inspire me– his dedication to work, his family and most especially to his creator. He has no shame in sharing his story, a wonderful story of love and redemption.

So proud of my brother in Christ — Big Daddy Jake. Watch his video:

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4 thoughts on “The incredible story of Big Daddy Jake”

  • Truly when one surrenders oneself, then He starts to re-enter in one’s life. I too had my fair share of wake-up call. All the while when so many things are happening in one’s life specially material things, one becomes blinded. Yet when such material things fade, one realizes that he is nobody. This is the time when God wakes us up. It was only when after so many struggles that I uttered the word ” Lord I surrender” that I felt such divine transfusion. God indeed breathes LIFE. Thus from that time on I always think and work with God in every dealings I have. Always for the good of all.

  • I love the video of Big Daddy Jake! It’s such a blessing that influential people like him can freely and proudly share his story of how the Lord has changed his life. I’m definitely sure that through Him, God can do so much more to the needy and the lost. Praise the Lord!

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The incredible story of Big Daddy Jake