Steps to Financial Peace 2012

By Randell Tiongson on April 10th, 2012

Back by popular request! Its Steps to Financial Peace, the life-changing and empowering personal finance seminar.

This year, my guest will be my dear friend and Wealth Coach, CHINKEE TAN together with Mr. Jayson Lo.

For inquiries, please email or call (0927) 873-1511 or (0939) 117-7856



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  • I wish I could attend this. Your column on estate planning gave me a lot of food for thought and questions.
    May I please request you add RSS on your blog so that your posts would be easier to follow?

  • I am a high school teacher and would want to attend this. How? Please send info through my email

  • Please contact the person in the post, Jen Magalong. Tell her where you teach and advise her you are availing the teacher, student rate.

  • This is a great event! Even if I know something about financial planning, I still attended alog with my colleagues. All of us learned so much. And the best part is that my colleague became an instant fan of Sir Randell…The seed was planted in my colleague…

  • I have attended the first event last August. I would love to join again and listen to the financial guru again.Even if I have knowledge in finance, I still would love to learn more to be able to share to others whatever knowledge is imparted to me.

  • I received one of the best gift by a friend when she signed me up for seminar ” Usapang pera ” at Victory Center Greenhills. I learned a lot from Mr Randell Tiongson.One of the things I cant never forget about his seminar is on how to achieve finacial security by creating emergency fund and ensure proper protection and by building long term savings. Since then I started little by little because he mentioned that it’s never too late. I used to have savings but I never really get in to investing because I have no idea on how to do it. After the event I started creating my emergency fund and now I feel secure that even if I loose my job which I’m hoping not I know I have a little savings that can help me sustain my needs while I don’t have work yet. I also started getting a life insurance and investing in mutual funds. I should say that I’m really just a starter and needs a lot of learning to do but at least now I feel secure that I didnt waste my money and it will me with my future needs. I was also motivated to give my tithes first before saving because God is the one who gives me all these things.

  • Hi Sir –

    I put a comment here so I can join the free invite on May 18 event but it wasn’t posted.

  • I attended the “Usapang Pera” talk at Victory Center Greenhills. It was a great experience for me since I really learned a lot from this talk. Some of the few things I’ve learned from this event was achieving financial security by increasing cash flow, get out of debt,creating emergency fund,ensuring proper protection,build long term savings and preserve your estate. I was inspired to start this since Mr Tiongson mentioned that it’s never too late. During this talk I realized that I wasn’t really using my money wisely since I jut save it at the bank but never thought of compunding it. Now I have started in achieving financial security and hava created my emergency fund. I really felt secure having my emergency fund because in the past I experienced having a good earnings and was able to save but something bad happened- lost my job and got bummed for 3 months. I spent all my savings. Now I felt secure that if thatr incident happens again I have some money to use. I also started getting a life insurance and started in to mutual funds. I can say that I’m just a newbie in this area but I’m just thankful that I’m learning little by little and inspired to learn more about finances. After the usapang pera talk it also inspire me to talk about what I’ve learned and you never know how many people was happy to hear what I’ve learned from Mr tiongson.

  • I a novice when it comes to investing but as what you said, it is never too late to start. I was very much inspired by what you have written in your blog that investing and achieving financial freedom is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge. That is such a relief to know since my field is totally unrelated to business. I am now trying to do something to increase my knowledge in investing. I hope I can attend the Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012 or any of your future conferences. Hopefuly I can gain the knowlegde and the right behavior in investing. More power to you.

  • I and my wife attended your Steps to Financial Peace offering last August 2011. One learning I got from you is in the area of attitude towards what you are doing of spreading the value of personal finance and saving/investing through your very affordable public offering of seminars such as the one we attended. At the time when I was inclined to settle and live a retired/or semi retired life since I am already a senior citizen, and all our children are already financially stable themselves, attending your seminar encouraged me to go on and engage myself in an advocacy where income possibility or profitability is secondary, and where educating/coaching breadwinners, professionals, and businessmen who are still relatively young and have a lot more days ahead of them, primary. In fact, sometime, after that seminar, I attended a PAMI seminar to become a Certified Investment Solicitor (CIS). I took the SEC CIS examination after that, and was able to pass. So, aside from my ordinary life agent’s CA, I also have a VUL license and a CIS license. Slowly, I am able to be a personal finance advocate which I wanted to be. Along the way, I met and shared with a National Bookstore contractual employee who has attended a financial seminar somewhere and would like to learn more and start an investment of P5,000 to P10,000 out of his savings. I shared with him about PAMI mutual funds and he got excited and want to try it soonest. What got him more excited was the additional learning he got from our limited time together. He wants to attend a more formal seminar, and I thought that if my short commentary would merit a free ticket in your May 18 offering, I would give it to him. If we get lucky and you happen to give two tickets, I will accompany him and learn some more to help me deepen or intensify my advocacy and increase my activities accordingly. God bless you.

  • Good Morning Sir Randell. I just read that you are giving 20 slots free for your seminar on May 18. Could I avail of your promotion for a free seat? I am a homeschool mom of three children and would like to learn more about financial freedom and financial planning. I was in your seminar at the PICC yesterday. I learned many things from your talk. I believe that the lessons I have learned yesterday and will continue to learn from you and other financial coaches like Mr. Chinkee Tan will help me understand about finances, apply them in real life, and share them to my children by first modelling. Thank you very much for your positive response.

  • Good Day Sir, I’m in a remote place and I want to attend in your event dis coming May 18, 2012, but I still find time to attend because I know i will gain knowledge and learn from you and your partners as speaker. I have attended one seminar of Mr. Chinkee Tan here in Isabela a couple of years ago and its really inspiring. Hope to see you soon and your company sir. God Bless.

  • Robbi,

    Will have Steps to Financial Peace in Davao on June 2. 1 to 6 pm at the Ritz, Grand Oases. Call Joseph Doce the organizer in Davao at 09177146136

  • Steps to Financial Peace held in Cebu at Parklane Hotel last Saturday, May 26, 2012 was inspiring! Thanks for your insight. I hope you come back here in Cebu before the year ends. I will invite my friends to listen to you. Just keep me posted.

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