No Nonsense Personal Finance, an introduction

By Randell Tiongson on June 17th, 2013

I am finally done with my book and in a few days, it will be out already. My book is titled “No Nonsense Personal Finance: A Step by Step Guide” and is published by YOUnique Publishing.

What’s the book all about? I am sharing with you the introduction of the book. I hope this book will change people’s lives!

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Randell book 2“My financial life is like a roller coaster.”

That statement pretty much sums up how my life was, and I assume that countless others feel the same way. Sometimes in our desperation, we try to find quick-fix solutions to our money problems. While it may offer temporary reprieve from our woes, our financial problems never seem to really go away.

You probably get a lot of advice on how to have a better financial situation, and you may have picked up a book or two or even attended a seminar about it. But despite this, you find yourself asking more questions than finding solutions.

The solutions to our financial problems are actually simple but they involve a process. Contrary to popular notion, there are no shortcuts to achieve a good financial life and future. Lasting solutions are those that are ingrained with a sound financial foundation that is rooted on the right behavior coupled with the proper knowledge. A sound financial life arises from a process and with the blessings of the Lord, not those nonsense things like lucky charms, superstition, wealth attraction, and all the other garbage so many foolishly believe in.

As you have noticed from the title, this book is all about a process — a step by step guide that is really no nonsense. It guides you through a simple and yet life changing process that is grounded with a lot of financial sense. I must admit that some of what I wrote about in this book may require us to make adjustments in our ways but if we really want to change, we must begin doing things differently from what we are already doing. This book will illuminate five basic steps to achieve financial peace in our lives. They will bring you to a sequential step that you can easily follow and has been written for the general Filipino in mind. Finance practitioners may find this book devoid of many of the usual finance jargons and complicated theories, but this is not written for them — this book is written for you!

No Nonsense Steps

This book is all about these five (5) steps:

The steps that you will read about in this book will be a good guide for you to achieve your financial goals. It is ideal that you start with Step One before going to Step Two and so forth. However, you may want to do Steps One to Three simultaneously provided it will not overwhelm you. Some steps will take longer than the others and is largely dependent on you. The faster you get through one step, the sooner you can move on to the next.

Once you get familiarized with the steps, put it into practice immediately. Knowledge and awareness are useless if you do not put it into practice, right? Do not be overwhelmed, you will grow in the process this book is talking about — you just need to want financial peace enough to make the necessary sacrifices today. You can pay now and play later, or you can play now and pay later.

Much thought has been placed in writing this book, and I have tried to make it as comprehensive as I can yet it should not be overwhelming. This book is a good start for you if you are tired of your money problems, but it is foolish of me to claim that everything you need to know is contained here. I encourage you to learn more once you’ve finished this book—pick up another book, attend another seminar, or read many blogs. Have an attitude of learning, and that attitude will really help you go a long,
long way.

What Other People Recommend

As I wrote this book, I asked people who follow me on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to give their own suggestions on the steps contained here. I originally intended to publish two or three suggestions per step, but I was overwhelmed with the response I got. Many of their suggestions were very good, so I included as much as I can in this book. You can find these at the end of every chapter under the heading, “What People Say.”

I always believe that many minds are better than one. Though I may not necessarily agree with all of them, I am thankful for the many recommendations I got for this book as most of the comments have much value in them. Like many things in life, there are different strokes for different folks, and I am sure you can pick up a great idea or two from them.

I pray you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have writing it. I also pray that the steps in this book will change your life for the better as it has mine.


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  • Will this be available in National Bookstore? Im located in Leyte kasi and i hope to have a copy of your book. Thanks.

  • Hi Idol,

    Is your book available already in the bookstore? I would like to have a copy. Please let me know when it becomes available.

    Many Thanks 🙂
    Tanya Regala.

  • Dear Sir Randell,

    Thank you for a very valuable insights. May I know if your book “No Nonsense Personal Finance” is sold on major bookstores nationwide?

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