My finance events in the UAE 2017

By Randell Tiongson on July 15th, 2017

Financial education remains to be the leading reason why Filipinos are more empowered today more than ever. BSP studies shows that savings and investment rates are substantially improving, particularly those of the Overseas Filipinos.

Since 2013, I have been coming in and out of the Middle East to conduct personal finance training to the Filipinos and it is really encouraging how exposure to financial literacy programs really change the lives of many. Here’s what they say:

Randell Tiongson is the glue that hold the personal finance world together, so to speak. He is pure inspiration to those who hear him and he has opened my eyes on how crucial it is to be financially free. The Lord delights in who he is.

Anna Lusterio, Commercial Officer, Dubai Cable

Listening to Randell’s talks made me appreciate God’s words through the bible even more. I discovered how practicable the principles found in the bible are about money and Randell incorporates those principles to each of his talks very well, which made the topics for me weightier. As a Certified Public Accountant, I really find myself amazed at how knowledgeable Randell is about personal finance, insurance and investments. The great thing about Randell is that when he talks, it is not all theories. He has done it and lived it. He walks the talk, which encourages me to apply the lessons I’ve learned to my own personal finance.

John T. Sola, CPA Audit Manager KPMG Lower Gulf

Coach Randell’s Talk helped me a lot in re-aligning my long term financial goals and personal money management strategies. His true passion and dedication towards his advocacy of educating more and more Filipinos about financial education, inspired me to follow the same vocation in helping fellow OFW’s especially in the Middle East.

Pablo Santos Jr., Sales & Marketing Manager, Sony Middle East and Africa FZE

Coach Randell’s seminars are highly recommended to all Filipinos who want to set their goals and develop their strategies when it comes to personal finance. His topics are clear, timely and relevant to every Filipino investor. He purely educates and does not have any ‘ulterior motive’ for his attendees to purchase any particular product.

Charry Dela Cruz – Roldan, Assistant Vice President, Bank J Safra Sarasin

How did the No Nonsense talks of Coach Randell impacted our lives? Simple. It reminded us that you write down your (financial) plans but at the end of the day, it is the Lord that gives you wealth and therefore, you ought to share it to others.

Bernard and Rhea Anduyon, #TrulyRichCouple and Filipino finance advocates in Doha

I have always known that part of my salary should be kept as savings, thinking that it would be enough to sustain my daily expenses when I retire. Attending coach Randell’s seminars taught me the system to map out a plan not only for retirement but a complete personal financial plan with specific strategies and measurable goals.

Rommel Mercaida, Senior Telecom Engineer, Ooredo

Attending seminars for personal finance and meeting Randell Tiongson has been a big help to OFW’s like me. It helped me handle my finances better and I learned the basic and essential matters before investing. His seminars made me realize that there are certain things you have to consider first like improving your cash flows, eliminating debts, protection from certain risks and establishing emergency funds. I also learned that there are other form of investment vehicles that you can invest your money in like mutual funds, stocks, bonds, VUL’s and real estate. I hope that a lot more OFW’s will have the knowledge on financial literacy so they can be empowered and will not be a victim of scams.

Melvin Manalastas, Accounting Executive, DMCC

This August and September 2017, I will be running 2 key of my signature programs in the UAE once more:

Retirement Planning: Learn how to properly prepare for your retirement. At the end of the full day workshop, you will be able to prepare a comprehensive retirement plan that is suited for you and a plan that really works. Find out how you can truly live a life of comfort & learn about the proper investments that is best suited for your needs objectively from two of the most recognizable finance advocates of the country.

My good friend Allan Miranda will be joining me to discuss business options that can be used to help build retirement funds and how to options on business venture to enter during retirement. Allan Miranda is one of the most visible Filipino business advocates based in Dubai.

Estate Planning: As you build your wealth, it is important to also prepare for its proper distribution eventually. How will the Philippine estate laws affect your wealth? What are the cost implication of transfers? What are the tools you can consider? As a bonus, I will also give a brief on the new tax reforms that will have an impact on estate taxation.

Abu Dhabi Run – August 25, 2017

Details and Registration via

Dubai Run – September 2, 2017

Details and Registration via

Attend my seminars and help me make you an empowered Filipino!



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  • I’m interested to attend in AUH .Is there a registration fee? How to register?

  • I would like to learn bout handling my finances since I am struggling financially here in uae.maybe this will be my wake up call and learn more about handling finances

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