Free slots to Steps to Financial Peace!

By Randell Tiongson on May 8th, 2012

This is it! As my way to thank the readers of my blogs, columns, tweets, etc. I will be giving away 20 free slots to our May 18 event, Steps to Financial Peace!

Joining is very easy. Just post in the comment section one or two things you have learned from me through my seminars, blogs, columns, media appearances, etc. and how it has influenced or will influence you.

One more thing, to those who want to join, may I request if you can blog, post in Facebook or tweet about my event using this link ?

Deadline will be on May 15, 2012 and we will notify you by email or sms. Make sure you leave your email address and your mobile number so we can contact you if you win.

This event is made possible through the help of BDO, Airphil Express, Cartridge World, RFP, Coffee Bean and many more!

God bless!


27 thoughts on “Free slots to Steps to Financial Peace!”

  • Hello po ^^.

    isa po ako sa sumusubaybay ng blog niyo po, nakita ko po yung inyong post sa FB about sa free slots. gusto ko po sana makakuha ng isang slot para maka attend ng inyong seminar, ang natutunan ko po sa mga nabasa kong blog post niyo isa roon ang habit sa pera ay pwedeng maging rewarding kung maayos ang pag m-manage [cost of a habit]..salamat po sa mga blog post niyo, malaking tulong po yung inyong mga na i-ishare..maraming salamat po! God bless =)

  • Hi Sir,

    I am one of the admirers of your articles specially when it comes to finances. My favorite and most memorable would be “The Right Time to Settle” which I found here It made a lot of sense too me because at that time, I used to think that I need a lot of money before I get married. Your suggestions guided me (and still guiding) in preparing for the wedding and for the marriage. It even gave me the additional courage to propose to my girlfriend 🙂 Lord willing we’ll be tying the knot this 4th quarter of 2013. Thank you Sir once again.
    Dan 09228641326

  • Hi S’ Randell,

    You are one of the local financial gurus that I truly admired. I have read the articles in your blog and in the Phil Daily Inquirer newspaper . Your insights have influenced me to take care of my finances and start my journey to financial freedom. Currently I am learning to invest in the stock market and this conference could be of great help to me.

    Hope to learn from you more in this financial conference. Thank you and keep spreading financial literacy to all.


  • Magandang araw po sir randell!! Salamat po sa inyong pagsisikap na matulungan ang bawat pilipino ukol sa financial education. Napanood ko po nung sunday sa Chink Positive ang interview sa inyo ni chinkee tan. Marami po akong natutunan. Sabi ko sa sarili ko kailangan ko na maka attend sa inyong seminar upang matulungan ko ang aking sarili at pamilya na magkaron ng maayos na pamumuhay at financial freedom. Kaya ng makita ko na nagbibigay kayo ng libreng slot sa Steps to Financial Peace ay di na ako nag atubili na mag comment. Dasal ko po na sana manalo ako ng isang slot sa inyong seminar. Mabuhay po kayo sir randel! God Bless po..

  • Hi Randell,

    I’m one of your followers in MoneySense. One of your articles that I like which I’ll definitely share to my wife (this December) is the “Money and Marriage”. I find it very practical and straightforward enough for us readers to apply immediately.

    I hope I can get a free slot for the May 18 conference so I can improve further my knowledge in investing and money management.


  • I’m interested in joining the contest by sending my comment above. Can’t wait to hear my commented to be selected and get a chance to win the free invite to May 18 event! I left my contact details above. 🙂
    Contact number – 0917-892-6929

  • I attended the “Usapang Pera” talk at Victory Center Greenhills. It was a great experience for me since I really learned a lot from this talk. Some of the few things I’ve learned from this event was achieving financial security by increasing cash flow, get out of debt,creating emergency fund,ensuring proper protection,build long term savings and preserve your estate. I was inspired to start this since Mr Tiongson mentioned that it’s never too late. During this talk I realized that I wasn’t really using my money wisely since I jut save it at the bank but never thought of compunding it. Now I have started in achieving financial security and hava created my emergency fund. I really felt secure having my emergency fund because in the past I experienced having a good earnings and was able to save but something bad happened- lost my job and got bummed for 3 months. I spent all my savings. Now I felt secure that if thatr incident happens again I have some money to use. I also started getting a life insurance and started in to mutual funds. I can say that I’m just a newbie in this area but I’m just thankful that I’m learning little by little and inspired to learn more about finances. After the usapang pera talk it also inspire me to talk about what I’ve learned and you never know how many people was happy to hear what I’ve learned from Mr tiongson.

  • Hi, Sir Randell.

    Your article regarding UITFs was really helpful for me to decide which investment to take. Now, I am learning about the Philippine stock market and I believe this conference would really help me get started.

    Thanks for taking the time to post and sharing your knowledge. God bless you.


  • Hi Randell,

    I have been following your blog for sometime.

    What makes your articles worthwhile is that they are relevant to us Filipinos in different perspectives. It makes more sense and more valuable if you put it in the context of stewardship and within the family perspective; e.g. starting early with kids.

    One more thing, what makes your blog unique is that it deals not only financial matters alone but also our relationship with God.



  • Hi Randell,

    I saw your guesting at Shop Talk and boy, I had so much realization because during my employment days I never saved for retirement! I’m now a housewife but I always have this nagging feeling to become financially independent. I’m really interested in learning more hoping it’s still not too late for me, so I’d like to attend Steps to Financial Peace. My daughter also needs to hear what you have to say before she starts a career, she’s graduating from college this October.

    One thing I admire about you is that you talk about Finances in light of God’s word and teachings, so I can rest assured that this is not about greed or love of money but actually freedom from these things. I’m excited about the wisdom you’re going to share with your audience.

    I’ll post your event in my FB and Twitter. Thanks!


  • Hi Randell,

    Madayaw from Davao!

    It was almost 2 years ago when I first started reading your blog. Me and my wife just had our second child and like most parents, was looking for a way to better manage my finances and invest for my family’s future. It was through reading your articles that I kick-started my journey to financial freedom. I currently have long-term investments in several MFs and a UITF from BDO. Your selfless act of sharing your knowledge not only about money but also about God and family has inspired me to also share this good news to my co-workers and relatives.

    I am certain that the information and encouragement that I can gleaned from you, Chinkee and Jayson from the upcoming conference would really help me a lot. Please continue to be a blessing to more people.

    Best regards,
    Davao City

  • Hi Randell,

    I started following you in twitter because of retweets by Chinkee Tan, i first learned about him, when i read his books “Till Debt Do Us Part” & “For Richer & For Poorer.” When i saw your website, i become so addicted it because of practical + Biblical views, I read your blog every now & then. I’m in financial crisis for 2 years, due to wrong decisions, credit card debts & poor lifestyle. But I believe God allows this to happen for me to change my perspective on money. Your site influence me to be interested to make an effort to change my spending habits, I’m also planning to enroll at BDO EIP this week (I attended free seminar from BDO last Saturday), I’m also researching on different venues to invest. Hope you can give me a free slot 🙂 thank you and more power!

  • Hello Sir Randell,

    I have been a follower of this blog for a while now and reading your posts have enabled me to see personal finance in a whole new light. You have mentioned on one of your posts before that the lack of personal finance education is the primary reason why many Filipinos struggle with poverty up to this very day, which I believe is true.

    I even mentioned you on my blog before. Here’s the link:

    I hope I win a slot at the conference. 🙂 I serve as a Sunday school teacher at Victory Fort. 🙂

  • a great morning sir randell,
    i already won a free ticket from one of ur seminars last year and it really helped me alot. im now 25 yrs old and currently working as video researcher for news programs for ANC (abs-cbn news channel). i started putting up a tiangge stall at tutuban night market three years ago, but only during the month of june til december (christmas season). now that im still single, all of my income from the store are kept in my savings account in a bank, and i badly wanted to know how will i invest it and what investment tool i will use. right now im doing research in the net for infos but still i cant decide what to do..
    i hope i can attend in ur upcoming seminar, which im sure will help me alot about this.
    thanks so much and more power to you.

  • Hi Sir Randell,

    Two things ive learned while reading on your blogs is about gearing up Gearing up for an emergency I also heard this topic when you visited a church in alabang hills village. Ive learned that setting up an emergency fund is important because this would help you in times of uncertainties. Ever since Ive heard of this teaching I am already trying my best to save up at least 3months worth of my salary just in case of emergency (But I often declare protection over myself so I will not be able to use this very soon).

    Another topic Ive learned is about My parents were life insurance agents way back in the 90’s and yes I do agree that the business is doing well, but during the millennium years like 2003 onwards. As a student I can feel the business is slowing down because my parents are having a hard time selling and it affects my studies as well. So I believe with what you have discuss that there is should be another initiative by the insurance professionals to another change in this field and not to way for the insurance company to make changes and that they should upgrade their skills. This article is very helpful to me because my parents want me to inherit their career maybe not in a full time basis but to continue to service their long time clients .

    I thank God for people like you who help Filipinos in a Godly way possible for them to be financially free.

    Garett Manlangit.

  • Hi Randell,

    One of the most important things I learned from you is your article on “Money and Marriage”. I hope to implement your suggestions successfully with my wife as we journey in our marriage.

    Rolland 09195209787

  • Hi Mr. Randell,

    I am an avid viewer and listener of Chinkee Tan’s radio program “Chink Posi+ive”. It is only during the show every sunday morning that I get to watch and listen to you, at times when you have to co-host in lieu of Mr. Chinkee Tan’s absence. I only came to know about the Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012 when you announced it during your guesting on the same show last Sunday, May 6th.

    Your life revelations were very inspiring to me (as always I am inspired whenever I watch the program aptly entitled “Buhay Mo Inspirasyon Ko”) and there were a lot of lessons to learn from all your viewpoints and advice on money (and life) matters. I should say the most influential knowledge you have imparted would be that “in everything you do, do it for the Glory of God, and serve Him over and above everything else”.

    I am already pre-registered to the event (that is how excited and determined I am to attend the conference!) but would still like to take my chance to get one of the free slots you’re giving away to your readers and followers. It would be a great opportunity for me to be able to learn from Money Experts like you and your two guest speakers who I admire as well.

    Thank you very much and more power to you. May you continue to be a blessing to a lot of Filipinos.

    Rose C.

  • Hi Randell,

    One of many things that you wrote I love the one which entitled “It’s all in the mind; it’s all in the heart. I also sometimes guilty before, telling people about this and that about finances but in reality I am not that focus on my finances also. I would tell stories or articles that I had read and share with my friends about it particularly about money mangement but I too sometimes fall on my short comings. This 2012 Randell, what I did is place a realistic goal. Put it in action one at a time that I would not be overwhelm. I know little by little I would achieve it and it will see by my example not just telling them what someone experience but with my own experience also. Thank you Randell, It is an ispiring article you had made. It will always be in my mind and also in my heart. God bless to you and your family.

  • I’ve been a fan of reading blogs on financial wealth since january 2012, and one of those blogs that inspired is your blog/website (others include fvillafuerte, chinkee tan, etc.)…
    On February 2012, I’m convinced to enter into UITF under BDO…i’ve recently redeemed my earnings (it’s just small but worth it…) thank you for the advices, and points.

    I’m also into stocks today…keep posting!

  • Hello Mr. Tiongson,

    My interest in reading blogs on building wealth led me to your blog. One of your articles that I’ve read which I found truly amazing was “Forget China, India…Try the Philippines!”
    It included a video on the Philippines as one of the breakout nations that has a high investment potential in the years ahead. Because of this prospect, my enthusiasm and interest in investing heightened up.
    I wish to learn more about investing and breaking out from the having-enough-money-mentality. I hope I can receive a free slot in your ‘Steps to Financial Peace Conference’ this May 18 at Greenhills.

    Thank you for sharing your financial knowledge to many people through your blogs and conferences. May God multiply your blessings more!!



  • I’ve learned this things 2 years ago at your “Usapang Pera” seminar; Increasing Cash Flow. In order to increase Cash Flow, getting out of debt is the most effective strategy. One way of Increasing Cash Flow is spending less money (the 10%-20%-70% rule but spending only 60% is the best!!) and not leveling up the cost of your everyday lifestyle. Discipline is a result of a healthy cash flow which means inflow of cash should be greater than its outflow. To a married man like me, I also learned that creating an Emergency fund(6mos. safest) and diversification avoids financial stress in the long run.

    And one of the most important things that i have learned: Do not fall in love with your investments, learn to let go. It is just money.

    Godbless you more Kuya Randell 🙂

  • Hi Sir Randell,

    I’m Johnny and I am always inspired every time I can hear from you a wisdom about how to handle MONEY, and now it made me change my perspective about spending, saving, budgeting and I am well blessed that now I am working to have my savings and emergency funds and later on i can do investments also in a way of diversification, not just put all in one basket of the things that i have.

    So far, that’s the things made my mindset different because of your Talks and seminars that I attended.

    More POWER and continue to EDUCATE and INSPIRE PEOPLE. God BLESS.

  • Good day Sir Randell! Just recently I came across a 2008 Moneysense issue at the office and I read the Bible’s Storehouse Principle in your article. Although it’s rather a little late for me, I promise to get started as soon as possible with your guidance and inspiration. Hoping to hear you in person. God bless!

  • Hello, I’m Victor, currently a BS Finance student, and I am very interested in joining your conference, mainly for the one in Davao. I lived in the US for most of my time and eventually moved here in Davao along with my parents. I’ve noticed the huge difference between the economy we have here and the one we have in the US.
    What I have learned during the time when you were a guest in a show, are the risks involved in investing in different things. Like in time deposits, to stocks which are in our stock markets. These are just a few of what I’ve learned from you and I am hoping to learn more through your conference this upcoming June 2. Here’s my email for you to contact:

    I thank you for your time and God bless you.

  • Hi Sir!

    I was able to listen to your talk last February “Ang Perang Hindi Bitin”. The Seminar was for parents of kids with special needs. I’ve been interested on attending financial planning seminars since last year for me to be more knowledgeable how to prepare my son’s future (with autism). I’m into mutual funds now but would like to learn more. Hope I can be given a chance to attend your seminar again for free. Will teach other parents in our support group of the lessons I’ll be learning. Thanks so much!

    Jeng Rodriguez (0922-8969612)

  • From your previous seminars, I learned the value of financial planning. At first it was a very intimidating subject but you made it very easy for us newbies to understand how important it is to plan for our financial future. The second most important thing that I learned from you is to trust in God’s economy-when there are financial challenges in the environment, I always remember this. Thanks sir Randell. I hope I can still make it to your financial seminar this friday.

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