Free slots to Leadership & Success Summit 2012

By Randell Tiongson on August 3rd, 2012

Learn from the best leaders, inspiring entrepreneurs and world-class motivational speakers as they share their success secrets in this one day event.

I’m excited for this program because among its roster of illustrious speakers are 3 persons I admire and respect a lot — Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, Jeric Soriano and my ‘inaanak’ Marvin Germo.  Others speakers are awesome too so this is going to be one great and inspiring event.

Here’s great news: 2 free slots are up for the readers of this blog. All you need to do is to post a comment stating why you need to attend this program. We will select the 2 winners by August 7 and will notify them via e-mail.

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23 thoughts on “Free slots to Leadership & Success Summit 2012”

  • I need to attend this event, because I believe God is calling me to be a leader of an organization that help others empower people in their spiritual, family and financial life. And I am sure that this event will surely equip me to be further capable of fulfilling God’s call… God bless us all indeed!

  • Could not let this opportunity to pass by…. a chance to learn from topnotch speakers and change the direction of my life by applying their success secrets. I am very sure that will make a 360 degree turn in my life and also to my family not only in financial matters but also in spiritual and social aspects of my life. Thanks randell…

  • As part of the youth, I believe that it is important to become more involved in issues which concerns the welfare of the people locally and globally. We have much to learn from the hard work and success stories from these inspirational speakers. Everyone has their own responsibilities and at a young age, I want to become more empowered of what it means to become an effective leader.

  • As part of the youth, I believe that it is important to become more involved in issues which concern the welfare of the people locally and globally. We have much to learn from the hard work and success stories from these inspirational speakers. Everyone has their own responsibilities and at a young age, I want to become more empowered of what it means to become an effective leader.

  • I’m a father of two.I’m seeking an opportunity how could i raise my family well.
    thru this event i will learn a lot and will strive my best to do my very best and be like them.The speaker are all achiever in their own way.I admire Mr.Pedro’s leadership and employing PWD Filipino.Mr.Meloto’s vision for GK to give needy Filipino to live in their own home.Mr.Biazon’s leadership and effort to stop corruption and smuggling in the Bureau.

  • I’ve been dreaming of becoming a successful in both my career and business. I’ve been having a hard time to move up int he ladder because compeetition is really great in workplace. I’ve been getting insecure with my colleagues who has the luxury of time and money to take up their MBA while I remain to be undergraduate. I felt like im already in the loosing end because of my credentials. I know for a fact that not all successful people are the ones who graduated or who has their MBA degree but somehow I dont know where to start and sometimes cannot pick up the phase. I want to discover strategies and how to become a good leader so I can be a manager soon and be successful with my small business.

  • I need to attend this event because I’m young, full of enthusiasm and wants to be a game-changer of our country.

  • I’d be happy to attend this summit to learn from the best and this will equip me in my road map to becoming an Agency leader.

  • Whoa! bumping at this wall post may not be coincidence at all! As Ive been looking for ways to further improve myself in meeting my purpose in life >that is to grow as an entrepreneur<, building and sustaining businesses. Right now I'm just satisfied in reading business and self help books,listening to audio speeches of the game changers in the business industry. If given a chance,this opportunity will inspire me more to follow the trails of those who have done it. Success is best learned from those achievers who climb up at the top and remain humble in preaching how they've done it..Kudos to those angel entrepreneur! Hope I can witness how they unveil those words of inspiration. 🙂

  • This is the great opportunity for me. I am handling sales people for ten years but i just want to know new sustainable ways of leading particularly in sales people.

  • I need to attend the Leadership & Success Summit 2012 because I am ready to become a leader and become successful. I know that attending this summit will empower my leadership skills and fire up the passion inside me that strives to achieve success. I want to become an inspiration to others and become a testament that dreams can always be achieved by developing yourself and investing your time to gain knowledge.

  • I am currently working on a BPO company and I notice that most of us would relay on our 15th day salary and then it would become a routine. We know this term as a rat race but its a good thing for me that I already surrender my life to Christ and with him I know I have to become a good steward of his creation. I always admire people who believe that Philippines would become a First world country and its always starts in changing our mindset or view about success.Its so nice to see people and leader like you that inspire people that nothing is impossible in this world and I want to join you and have the oppurtunity to be part of the seminar and be with great leaders of our country.

  • Hello there, Mr. Tiongson! I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon your website! And yet, I just know that this chance to join the summit is not a mere coincidence! For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to join leadership summits. And for the longest time I’ve been stuck in that wanting stage. It’s only been recently that I started feeling the great need to have this desire materialized, to really improve myself and the quality of my decisions in life. I want to contribute something big to the Filipino community, and I know that the Leadership & Success Summit 2012 will be a real morale booster for me! I believe the summit will equip me with insights into the realization of success and financial freedom. I believe learning from the experts is already an act of feeling success working its way into my life. I speak for the youth–and for the many people who believe that success is not just a matter of luck, but of worldview. Everybody can do it! I can do it!

    Thank you so much for hearing me out! I really hope I get the slot! Don’t you think I deserve it? 😉

  • Hi Sir Tiongson! I am Jin from Tarlac City and I just crossed your website while browsing the internet. I am a full-time entrepreneur and very eager to learn new business insights in the said event. Looking forward to be part of the free slots you are sponsoring for the Leadership & Success Summit 2012. I commit to share what will I learn in this summit and apply it in my business ventures. May God richly bless you and your leadership. ^_^


  • At first I thought leaders are born. In that way I do not think I am a leader. My paradigm changed when I attended the Younique Conference of Pastor Jayson Lo. I took the DISC test and the result was, I am a steady Carabao just like Pastor Dennis Sy. Jayson said that there are learned leaders. They learn how to become a leader and they are passionate on what they are doing an because of that they excel. I want to learn to become a leader, and by attending this summit I know I will learn a lot of things to achieve that. God bless and more power.

  • Attending your seminar could be a great opportunity to:

    1.Hear the information I might know already but from a different angle from a different speaker so that I have an even better understanding of the topic.

    2. Learn facts that will help me better understand Leadership & Success.

    3. A chance – to get one-on-one guidance from speakers.

    4. Hear stories of what to avoid.

    5. Update my understanding of an older process that has new steps.

    6. Another chance to experience how some people make a lot of money in a short time.

    7. Recruit speakers to present at my own seminar, conference, tele-seminar or webinar.

  • To be part of Leadership & Success Summit 2012 is a great blessing and stepping stone for me. This is an opportunity for me to gain more wisdom and knowledge and to boost my capabilities or capacity to be an entrepreneur in my own field of business as well.

    Let me just thank you Mr. Tiongson in advance and I’m looking forward for this one of kind opportunity and blessing!!!

    May God bless you more!!!

  • Hi Randell,

    I would really love to attend the Leadership & Success Summit 2012, thus, I am hoping to get one of the offered slots for free!

    Doing self-evaluation, I acknowledge that much has to be improved. I believe that this event would help me improve not only my leadership skills, but it would also have a positive impact on many aspects of my life. I want to learn from successful people and great leaders. I’m excited to hear their stories and experiences! I believe that continuous education and coaching from experts/great leaders like you and the speakers from this event, would help me become successful and a better person.

    Please continue educating and inspiring people, especially the Filipinos. It is also a mission that I want to carry for as long as I live. More power and God bless!

    Thank you,

  • My husband and I are both leader in our own way.He’s Operations Manager in one of the leading Forwarding Company in the Philippines and me works as Production Supervisor in Packaging company in Laguna with client like Nestle’. This seminar is a BIG BIG help for us, in our job and personal life.We are workaholic and give our Time and effort to our committed job.We want to be the best in our own Industry and also share the knowledge to other.Like the list of formidable speaker in this seminar.They are successful in their field but sharing the blessing ti other is one of their priority.

  • Good day sir! Just watched your guesting in ANC’s On the Money.

    I need to attend because I am young and I want to explore more about leadership and entrepreneurship. I want to know more things, particularly the topics on this summit. So that I may be able to utilize my skills and talents to achieve more in life, and then later on, as I grow older, I can share whatever I know and I have experienced with other people, especially to the younger generation. I hope my youthfulness, idealism, and sincerity to become a better person for myself, my family, my community and most importantly, our country, are valid reasons why I need to attend this event. 😀 God bless you and your endeavors! 😀 God bless us!

  • I want to attend the seminar because I think it’s about time that a person like me who was never a leader-material, can also be such a leader too in my own way. I also would want to be able to maximize all the skills & talents I have to make a difference in the lives of others by being more passionate in serving the Lord & in serving others through my work – which is to enlighten my co-Filipinos about handling their finances wisely.

  • Hi Randell,

    Reading on the comments/responses of the other followers of your blog doesn’t make me feel more deserving for one of the two free slots you are offering.

    It just makes me feel happy that there are a number of people who want to enrich their knowledge and share the learnings that they would gather to others.

    As for me, I’d like to focus on wanting to attend than needing to.

    I want to attend this program as I’d like to be be able to spread the good words that I will be hearing in the program to the people around me. This will help me in my personal quest of serving as an inspiration to other people. The learnings that I will be able to gather will add value to this advocacy that I presently push.

    And there’s no sweeter way of being able to join than getting it for free (as my cashflow won’t get hit =))

    And it’s not all about getting it for free, it’s also about the honor of being selected by one of the people I look up to in the financial planning industry – no less than you Randell!

  • gusto ko maging magaling.. gusto ko matuto mula sa mga magagaling.. gusto ko maging matagumpay… gusto ko makatulong.. gusto ko sa hinaharap maging isa ako sa kanila..

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