Davao & Bacolod insights, part 1

By Randell Tiongson on March 8th, 2011

Two recent engagements of mine made me realize how hungry for knowledge people are especially outside Manila.

A few weeks ago, I was part of a 1 day seminar called Mastering Wealth in Davao where I shared the stage with my esteemed colleagues and closest friends Paulo Tibig and Cito Beltran with Dennis Poliquit (Big Daddy Jake) as host. There were about 150 participants in the event and you can really sense that they have a lot of questions in their minds about many issues they are going through with. It’s a money seminar and we tried our best to be able to go beyond inspiring them, we tried to instruct them. Cito Beltran challenged the crowd into thinking strategically and that with the right perspective and coaxing, they themselves can find the answers to their questions. In typical Cito Beltran fashion, he was very bold and objective in pointing out how ineffective some of our actions are and provided practical solutions to overcome such. Cito harped on finding value in what we do and who we are. Cito Beltran narrated that “if manure has value (as an effective fertilizer) everything else in this planet has value”.   More of quotes I picked up from Cito Beltran during the event:

–          “Strategic mind is being purpose driven.”

–          “God is not whimsical, He is purpose-driven. God is the #1 strategist”.

–          “Not all opportunities are an obvious advantage, but some problems could create an advantage.”

–          “If you can’t take harsh criticism, you will never become good.”

–          “Evolution or Extinction: Repackage, Reinvent or Regret?”

–          “Redefine your roles, redefine your leadership.”

After Cito Beltran, my good friend and former co-worker Paulo Tibig educated the crowd on what an Entrepreneur should be doing. Paulo Tibig is the CEO of VCargo, one of the country’s largest logistics and cargo companies.  Paulo is also the current President of the Franchise Association (AFFI) among many of his other endeavors. Paulo was an employee that became an employer and has been tagged an ‘Entrep Champ’. A poster boy for Globe business, Paulo wowed the crowd with his practical steps to achieving success in business. There are 2 points that really struck me in Paulo Tibig’s lecture – 1) Expand on surplus and 2) Lifestyle check. He argued that many businessmen fail in this area causing their businesses and their lives a lot of ruin. Paulo inspired the crowd too by giving examples on how to convert crisis into cash. Paulo Tibig’s lecture was grounded on sound business theories and yet backed up by real personal experiences. After listening to Paulo, I was so inspired to jump into full-time entrepreneur mode… but no, we all have our places in the sun.

The Davao experience reinforced our desires to be able to empower as many Filipinos as we can, in the way we best can. Up next is my experience in Bacolod in part 2 of this blog.

* Special thanks to Joseph & Mike Doce, our partners in Davao.


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Davao & Bacolod insights, part 1