Cito Beltran: Changing Directions

By Randell Tiongson on July 26th, 2010

Strategic thinkers all agree to develop audacious (or outrageous, extraordinary) objectives that define desired results in measurable terms.”


Begins with identifying your purpose.  But what is your purpose or objective in your personal or corporate life?  Find out the answers through Strategic Thinking seminar with Mr. Cito Beltran.

What do I do?

Where am I now?

Where am I going?

How do I get there?

When will I get there?

What will it cost me?

Ø      What is the cost of changing personal or organizational direction?

Ø      Do I need to change direction?

Ø      Is the change acceptable? How do I sustain the attitude?


15 thoughts on “Cito Beltran: Changing Directions”

  • I am always at search for meaning and purpose in life. Of course knowing that God has a plan for each one of us, it also glorifying for Him (and good for us too) for us to live lives of wisdom & understanding – which I think being deliberate in thinking strategically can give. This is also what I think Filipinos should learn so that we can get out of poverty – literally and mindset. Not to mention this is worth learning and imparting to the next generation, my children and maybe to others whom I can be of influence.

    Hope that I can be given a chance to attend this valuable meeting on Aug 21st. thru your “free seats scheme”.
    Thank you & GOD bless you.

  • I work in one of the best IT company and doing IT support on our clients. At this time, I need a change of hat. I want to explore more on achieving my goals and I know that this seminar by Cito Beltran will provide me insights on how things get done with my personal and corporate life. Double hating—how to balance my personal and corporate life.

    I spent most of the time at work. Been to customer service and a little of technical support on my previous company for 7 years. Now with this one, for 2 years, is doing the same level of support but at least upgraded in supporting Level 2 operations and handling new initiatives for the company. Now what question comes in my mind is how am I doing now? I need something that will move and inspire me to grow and yes to strategize what I will do 5 years from now.

    If I am given a chance to be on this seminar, I will be focus and free my mind and help me internalize our real purpose in life, achieving personal and organizational success through strategic thinking.

    Thanks Cito, thank you Randell.

  • I am very good at planning and very keen to details. These are my skills that I fully utilize in my job as a travel agent. But when it comes to my life, I feel that I am always lost. I think this seminar will help me find the right path towards the ultimate purpose of my life. Thank you.

  • I’m an IT manager at a consumer goods company and have been here for more than 10 yrs now doing different roles. Before this, I was connected w/ 2 other companies in systems consulting, development and maintenance roles and also worked on a freelance project (to this day, I remember this milestone of my first pay check:-). I have been extremely focused over the past few years in gaining stability in my professional life and helping out my family but recently, I’ve had 2 important changes in my life. First, I have a significant other (my 2nd in 34 yrs of existence) and enjoy devoting time deepening and nurturing our relationship. She’s just starting a nursing career and a life coaching event like yours is sure to benefit her. Second, I have been feeling the urge to create something my own. I’m finding the time to think through and haven’t figured this out just yet. A realization for me is our objectives and purpose could evolve alongside our life stages. The framework/leading questions and your seminar outlined above can enable me to discover more and progress along this 2nd change so I would be grateful for the opportunity to join as well. You can expect us to respond w/ active discussion and engagement via sharing our own experiences and learnings if selected. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks, Cito & Randell for this opportunity.

  • Thank God for this blessing.

    Early last year, I left employment and shifted to being an entrepreneur. I must admit that it’s totally a different world and I’ve committed a lot of blunders already . But one thing is for sure, I am here to stay.

    We are not taught on how to be an entrepreneur in school so I decided to study and learn how to be one by reading books, having mentors to listen and to talk to and attending seminars and other events where I can gain knowledge and meet like minded people.

    That is why I am here posting my intentions to be chosen as one of the ” blessed” 5 to attend Mr. Cito Beltran’s “Changing Direction” seminar for free as I know in my heart that whatever I will gain from this, will be essential on what and where I will be in the future.

    Thank you Mr. Randell and Mr. Cito for this opportunity.

    God bless!


  • For years, like most people, I’ve searched for the true meaning of life and what comprises it to be able to find the right path for my purpose. And to brag for, I can, in my own simple way say that I was fortunate enough at my age to be granted by GOD to actually live and see both sides of the world; to be poor and rich, to be good and bad, to be loved and hated. These are actually the qualities that I normally boast when I lecture people how they should live their life.

    However, I’m still in the verge of finding more answers to a lot of my questions. I’m 25, and that’s still a long way to death. A lot can still change. That is why i would like to take this opportunity which hopefully a blessing from GOD to better finding my true meaning in life.

    Thank you very much Sir Cito and Sir Randell.

  • I lived my life taking orders all the time. From my parents and unfortunately from my former employer. My world always isn’t the world I built for myself but the world that people around me wants me to have. With a few savings I made while working I took chances on my own, building my own pride I got to be stuck with a lot of questions like the ones written above:

    What do I do now? Where am I going? How do I get there? and When will I get there?

    This seminar will be very beneficial to me and to my future. Which I really hope and pray, I will be lucky enough to be given a slot to. Thank you for the opportunity Sir Cito and Sir Randell.

  • Change is always a good thing. Not only is it a constant in our lives it is almost always a mandatory step to the next greater level in one’s life. The greatest achievements in human history were accomplished by hard work and extraordinary ability. But rarely do these achievements directly affect us individuals and we go through life as normally as we would even after man stepped on the moon or when the internet was created. But changes in our immediate environment will always directly affect us. Dealing with change can be very difficult especially if one does not have the right values and mindset to have the constitution to ride the change. Talks and seminars like these provide us a compass as we navigate through uncharted territory with an ever-changing terrain. Too much knowledge is not necessarily a bad thing but too little know-how can be disastrous.

  • As a licensed guidance counselor, this seminar would be very helpful to me as a person and as a helping professional.

    This is very timely because I am employed with a growing school that needs further guidance on the part of the administrators as to its direction in the years to come.

    Equipped with this learning experience from experts, I would be able to touch their minds and hearts to openly effect changes for the good of the school.

    In this light, I hope to be chosen as one of the five recipients of this very special seminar.

    God bless you.

  • Wall Street is crowded with famous and high-profile businessmen and professionals. Why? Because they have a common dream and goal: MONEY

    They did it because of their so-called excellent strategic plans and decisions (promoted and supported by global business standards) at the expense of many people.

    Strategic moves in my view, should always be tied with ethical standards and doing only what is right. Otherwise, what are these strategic thinking are we talking about?

  • We have already chosen the winners of this contest and have sent an email to those who were selected. Thank you for joining!

    It was really difficult selecting a few since all of your comments are really good and I am sure you all deserve the ticket. If you still want to attend the program, we are willing to give it to you at a discounted rate. Just email me privately at

  • I want to attend this seminar because I want to make a dynamic and radical change in my life. I want to live my life to the fullest and be the best that I can be, both in my personal life and in my work. I need this seminar.

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