Catch me in Macau!

By Randell Tiongson on December 6th, 2011

If you are from Macau or have friends there, please catch me give a talk on Personal Finance this Friday. It’s for FREE!

See attached poster for details. Thank Every Nation and Philippine Consulate Office for inviting me.


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  • Hi Randell. ūüėÄ

    Great job last night!  I was impressed by your lecture.  You did a very good job at keeping the audience interested.  Loved your jokes and the insights that you shared with us.  For that, I am sincerely grateful. ^_~

    Honestly my friend, I read a lot of financial articles online and last night was not my first time to encounter the concepts/principles that you shared with us. ¬†However, that was the first time I actually heard it from someone else! ¬†It was a good feeling. ¬†Listening to someone who reaffirms what you have read from somewhere. ¬†How I wish I had a financial mentor like you in my life. ¬†Unfortunately, I can’t find anyone because quite often I am more informed than the people around me…which is quite sad and frustrating. ¬†Generally speaking and without intending to sound arrogant, I think most Filipinos are financially un-intelligent. ¬†Many are academically bright but there are only few financial geniuses. ¬†I believe you are one of the latter. ¬†I, myself and my family, belong to the former. ¬†Knowing this, I always try to learn more and share that knowledge to those around me. ¬†Since I started learning about personal finance years ago, I felt the need to stop that vicious cycle of ignorance. ūüôĀ

    I know that I will find a lot of helpful articles in your blog and I am looking forward to learning more from you. Thanks again for last night. ¬†It may have been one of my life’s most significant milestones. ¬†More power and God bless! ^_^

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