Brothers Fausto: Teenage Investors!

By Randell Tiongson on April 30th, 2010

Who are the Fausto brothers?

The Fausto Brothers Martin, Enrique and Anton are sons of Marvin and Rose Fausto.  Marvin was the Head of Trust of Equitable PCI Bank and is now the Head of Investments of Banco De Oro.  Rose, prior to becoming a full time homemaker, was also an investment banker.

Martin, the oldest, is 19 years old.  He finished his elementary and high school with honors at Xavier School, Greenhills.  He is now an incoming junior taking up Management at the Ateneo de Manila University.  He is a member of the Company of Ateneo Dancers, one of the top hip hop school-based dance groups in our country today.  He sometimes plays the piano and is always the video maker and host in family parties.

Enrique, the second just turned 17 last month.  He also finished his elementary with honors at Xavier School.  He is an incoming high school senior in the same school.  He plays the guitar in a band called Luna Rye which he formed with friends from Xavier and ICA.  He also plays the piano and has composed a couple of songs.  He was a member of his school’s soccer varsity team in grade school and is now an officer of Dance X, Xavier’s varsity dance team.  He is also a member of the Xavier Ultimate Frisbee team.  Enrique is currently the president of the Parish Youth Central in Our Lady of Consolation Parish in their village.

Anton, the youngest, is 13 years old.  He graduated with honors from the Ateneo Grade School last March where he was also awarded a medal for his co-curricular activities in dancing, his current passion.  He was also a member of his Table Tennis varsity team.  Anton also plays the guitar and piano.  His ambition is to be the country’s youngest billionaire.

The Fausto Brothers have been exposed to financial literacy very early in life.  When they were still babies, their parents opened their individual savings accounts.  They have been saving from their allowance, cash gifts and occasional earnings from different endeavors.  They were also gifted a few shares of stocks of companies that they could easily understand when they were still very young.  Today, they buy their own stocks with their own money.  Since last year, their parents have transferred to them the responsibility of updating their individual Balance Sheets on a quarterly basis.

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  • I am inspired by the story Brothers Fausto, I really want to purchase share of stocks as investment but I don’t know where and how. When I made an inquiry on a bank instead of answering me, the bank personnel offerred a time depocit. Could you help me?

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Brothers Fausto: Teenage Investors!