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By Randell Tiongson on July 9th, 2013

In 1997, a very young individual was sitting down in front of me for a job interview. While he had some experience, he was clearly a learner and wanted to use the job experience to achieve his goals in life. The name of the young professional I was interviewing was Paulo Tibig.

Paulo and I worked together for just a year as it was evident that his heart and talents were suited more for the world of entrepreneurship as against corporate employment. When Paulo asked if he can resign to start his own business, I did not even offered him to stay as I knew in my heart this young guy will be better off being his own boss than having one. We remained good friends since then and Paulo became an esteemed colleague and a business mentor of mine.

15 years after, the young professional is now the CEO of V Cargo, one of the country’s biggest logistics and cargo companies and is truly his own boss. He has since been a staunch advocate of entrepreneurship and his audience ranges from captains of the industries, SMEs and even young kids. He is now known as the EntrepChamp and is one of the most recognizable experts in the field of entrepreneurship.

From a big coliseum to a small cafe, Paulo has been teaching & inspiring people to be entrepreneurs and he has truly changed many lives by what he teaches. What is amazing about Paulo is that unlike many business advocates & speakers, Paulo is the real deal in business as he continues to run and grow many enterprises aside from V Cargo. Many speakers speak from their historical experiences but Paulo teaches not just from his past but also from his present endeavors. It is very rare to hear a real captain of the industry spend a lot of time teaching people from all walks of life making him one of the best in his craft.

On July 26, 2013, you can have the opportunity to learn from the EntrepChamp himself along with his guests Chinkee Tan and Boris Joaquin. To inquire, send email to

To my friend Paulo Tibig, I am so proud of you and let me congratulate you in advance for adding another feather to your cap with the Big Boss Summit!

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  • One of the sought after professional speakers today, he earned the moniker of “THE ENTREP CHAMP” in the entrepreneurship community because of his business savvy and wisdom.

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