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By Randell Tiongson on May 19th, 2010

I am currently at the Go Negosyo Negosem Program at Cagayan de Oro. Earlier, I was delighted to see an old friend in the airport, had breakfast and coffee with him and had a nice chat. In today’s virtual world, it’s always nice to catch up with friends face to face. My old friend Paulo Tibig of V Cargo is also a featured speaker of Go Negosyo.

A few minutes ago, I just heard Paulo deliver a powerful lecture on spotting opportunities for budding entrepreneurs here in Mindanao. He was entertaining, witty and more importantly full of business wisdom. I’ve listened to a lot of business speakers and Paulo is one of the best I have heard in a long time.

During our trip from the airport, we talked about a common friend, Joseph Doce. Joseph used to be a top insurance executive and now an accomplished entrepreneur. Paulo mentioned that there is a possibility that his company and Joseph will come into some business arrangement of some sort.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with another good friend, Jenny Ignacio-Magalong. Jen and I work together on many projects and she was briefing me about the updates of those projects. We discussed our projects and I was amazed at how good this lady is and I was learning so much from her. Jenny was also asking me for my insight on a new business she and her husband Luis are getting into. Jenny is not only a great program director (for our projects), she is evolving into an entrepreneur as well.

As I am writing this blog, I got a buzz from a good friend, Thaib Mella. We chatted a bit and he asked for some referrals for his new job, as a Sales Director for a leading Real Estate conglomerate. He is now leading a hi-powered sales team and we were pitching some ideas left and right.

What does Paulo Tibig, Joseph Doce, Jen Ignacio-Magalong and Thaib Mella got to do with each other? You see, at some point in our lives, we were working together. At some point in the past, I was their ‘tormentor’ at the place of work and they were reporting to me. I remember them well and I remember them fondly. I have seen their potentials way back and I have seen them grow in many ways, particularly in the professional sense. With all humility, I am proud to say that these guys are so much better than I am today and even much more successful.

Clearly, these friends of mine did not become great because of me. It is foolish to claim that it is my guiding and mentoring that made them achieve success — far from it. My working relationship with them were brief and they didn’t probably learn much from me. However, there was something I did that was critical in their success today. I stepped out of their way so they can pursue growth.

True leadership is not always about empowerment, teaching, mentoring, shepherding and all that. Sometimes, you just need to step out of the way and bless them as they grow. It’s hardly always about us.


13 thoughts on “Better than yourself”

  • this was the same thing Carlo and I were discussing about leadership last night. Leadership is learning to get out of the way and guide others to success. Randell you are a great leader

  • Wow, very people would define leadership as stepping out of people’s way to give them room to succeed. Thank you for this Randell.

  • Great job, Randell, business mind people needed someone like you.

    Can you help me to build my dream and counsel what is the best for me..


    Rene Santos

  • Wow, it’s an enlightening blog about leadership!

    May all of you guys don’t stop from sharing all the blessings you received from above, as more people needs your wisdom and guidance…

    Thank you very much also for mentioning about Vcargo, the company I work right now and trust!

  • I really like this entry of yours Mr. Randell its very unselfish and inspiring… Please continue to share all your insights through your blog… God Bless…


  • exactly!!! thank you for confirming this thought randell. you have just answered one question i was asking to myself. God bless you!

  • YAY for paulo and joseph!

    I’m fortunate to know these guys. so glad to be updated about them, thanks to you! 🙂

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