Automatic Millionaire

By Randell Tiongson on November 26th, 2009

Many people think I like reading complicated finance books. While I check those kinds of books for reference from time to time, I am not big on ‘nose-bleed’ books. I don’t event like Robert Kiyosaki books… although I’ve read  2 or 3 of his books.

This year, I’ve been reading the works of Dave Ramsey and I enjoy reading it because of its simplicity and it really are very helpful personal finance books.

I have started reading a new book and it looks like I will enjoy reading it because it is simple, full of common sense and it looks like it will work — Automatic Millionaire by David Bach.

As soon as I finish this book, I’ll write about it here in my blog. One thing is for sure, I am enjoying reading this book and so will you.

I’ve been told that the books I recommend are quite hard to find and in the rare occasion they find it, it is quite costly. I always implore one to seek learning and the price of a book or two is a small price to pay for opening your mind towards achieving financial peace. But, here’s some good news… I get most of my books from and at a much lower price than the bookstores. They also have a great selection of pre-owned books, making it so much more affordable.


3 thoughts on “Automatic Millionaire”

  • I love Dave Ramsey’s book and David Bach’s book. It is old fashion way of acquiring wealth and financial freedom and it works!

    I also love – cheap, affordable and my wife owns it!

  • Definitely a good find. David Bach has written a lot of books on personal finance. When I arrived in Canada early this year, the book “Start Late, Finish Rich (Canadian edition)” was one of the first few books I picked up from my brother’s book case located at the basement of his home. In conjunction with coming to know a certain Mr. J. Randell Tiongson (early in my career in the finance field), my reading inspired me to pursue a career in financial planning in Canada.

  • I had bought the book last 2008 and read it overnight. Its a great book for those who want to save without much pain. Its easy and practical to follow; and the ideas are simple.

    Highly Recommended

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