Attracting wealth and all that garbage, part 1

By Randell Tiongson on August 26th, 2009

I received an email promoting a seminar. The seminar promises something fantastic – it promises that you can actually attract wealth. It further promises that the seminar was able to produce the most number of millionaires in less than 21 days. Amazing? Not really, it’s garbage.

We are plagued by so many of these quick-rich, attraction and power of the mind rubbish and the sad part is so many of us are duped into thinking they will work. Best-selling books, sold out seminars, and packed conferences all over the world have been perpetuated by people to make us think that there is a short cut to achieving our dreams and becoming wealthy. Here’s my question — if this is really true, there would not be any poverty in this earth anymore, wouldn’t it?

I’ve seen some people follow this insanity with cult-like behavior and it scares me. Some of them realize quickly that these things are ludicrous; unfortunately others stick to this sham for so long and by the time the realization sinks in, precious time has passed.

In my book, there are only 2 short-cuts to becoming wealthy. One is to inherit wealth while the other is to marry wealth. The only other way to becoming truly rich is through hard work and discipline – with the grace of God. I often refer to my all-time favorite reference for everything, the Bible. Want to be rich? Proverbs 14:23 (NIV) says “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty”. You want to have a real role model of prosperity? Check out the ants — “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!” (Proverbs 6:6, NIV)…

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5 thoughts on “Attracting wealth and all that garbage, part 1”

  • Agree, Randell. I’ve always been open to presentations, short or long ones, and I do attend them in most cases. The ones I like best are the one-on-one meetings so I can easily see through the person. A crowd of more than 20 or 30 may be just like a stage play in three acts! For me, the financial presentation is just 50 percent; the other 50% is my gut feel which encompasses my skills, personal and work experiences and my faith in God. If, at the end of the presentation or meeting, it doesn’t add up to 100 percent, I don’t pursue it. If it’s about 90 percent, that means I need to do more research about it. BUT — if I don’t pursue it, I make sure I tell the person; otherwise, you either get bombarded with daily messages or calls, or you burn a bridge. Be careful on the last part — you’ll never know if you’ll meet up with that person again, often times too soon than you expect.

    My two centavos 🙂

  • i couldnt agree with you more! ive seen my friends get into all those and it is indeed cultish and definitely garbage!

  • I agree that hard work is necessary for one to be wealthy. However, it depends upon how one defines “hard work”. Hard work, at least for me, does not necessarily mean physical and tedious work.

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Attracting wealth and all that garbage, part 1