2012 Outlook, part 3

By Randell Tiongson on January 5th, 2012

It is an honor to feature the 2012 outlook of a captain of her industry. I had the privilege to work with her about a decade and a half ago and it is a treat to see her in a meteoric rise to CEO, Ms. Riza Mantaring of Sun Life Financial.

Here’s the 2012 Outlook of Ms. Riza Mantaring

There is a lot of uncertainty attached to 2012.  While prospects appear to
have improved over the past few months from the earlier fears of a double
dip recession in the US or worsening of the European debt crisis, a number
of factors can affect global economic growth — a still bumpy and difficult
resolution to the Euro debt crisis, the struggle to cap large deficits in
other developed countries, political tensions in the Middle East and North
Africa, slower growth and higher inflation in emerging markets, and
political uncertainty as several countries undergo elections.

While 2012 is difficult to predict, we feel the Philippines is in a strong
position to weather the challenging economic and market climate this year.
Interest rates are projected to remain low, which should encourage
investments, while the robust flow of OFW remittances should continue to
support strong private sector consumption.  Increased government spending
is expected to boost economic growth.  Even under the best of circumstances
though, we expect volatility given the challenges in the global front, and
we do not expect equity markets to post outsized returns.  Still, fund
managers who adopt the right trading strategies through the market ups and
downs can produce good returns.  For fixed-income, the outlook for rates
remaining low underpins the outlook for decent returns.

Who is Riza Mantaring?

Ms. Mantaring is currently the President and CEO of one of the country’s preeminent financial services company, Sun Life Financial. Sun Life is a leading provider of life insurance and mutual funds. Riza has been in the financial services industry for over two decades and has been involved in information technology, customer services and operations. She was later named as the COO of Sun Life prior to her appointment of CEO. Under her management, Sun Life continues to improve its market share in the country and introduced many trail blazing enhancements. Sun Life has recently launched a pioneering financial literacy advocacy called “It’s Time” utilizing multiple media which resulted to their winning of many awards, even an international award.


2 thoughts on “2012 Outlook, part 3”

  • First, I believe in the principle of aligning your risk tolerance to the term of your investment objective.. which means short term investment should be, say put into bond funds.. More into capital preservation with conservation appreciation of your investment.. Long term investment into higher risk vehicle like Equity, to maximize the ups and downs of the cycle..

    Just like what Pat Lim said, Investing is not a matter of timing, but a matter of time… There’s really no saying how the market will look like, but we’re always looking for a hedge against inflation…

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2012 Outlook, part 3